“They have a joy for life in Brazil unlike any country I’ve ever seen.” – Morena Baccarin

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São Paulo

Brazil is a great holiday destination. There is so much to see and do.

Think about it.

Beautiful nature in Brazil

Nature lovers can choose from the Amazon, the Pantanal, nature parks such as Serra do Cipó or the impressive waterfalls of the Iguaçu. If you walk through the densely populated São Paulo, you will come across the most beautiful trees, flowers and plants every once in a while. You are in the middle of the tropics and you can see that everywhere.

The coolest cities in South America

São Paulo (12 million inhabitants) and Rio de Janeiro (6 million inhabitants) are the two largest cities in Brazil and, in my opinion, the coolest in South America. Both have their own charm and cannot be compared. In short, in addition to Rio, also visit Sampa. You will have no regrets. Less large cities such as Salvador (Afro-Brazilian culture), Brasilia (architecture) and Belo Horizonte (gastronomy) also have a lot to offer for tourists.

Art and culture in Brazil

Do you like culture during your vacation? Beautiful colonial cities are scattered throughout Brazil. For example, think of Ouro Prêto, Manaus, Paraty, and Olinda. With Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil had one of the most acclaimed architects. With his amazing buildings, he has left his mark on many cities, such as the museum of contemporary art in Niterói. Also, visit the immense art and nature park Inhotim in Minas Gerais.

Beach paradise

Are you coming to Brazil for your peace and the sun? With a coastline of 7,491 kilometers, Brazil is an ideal country to enjoy the beach and the sea. Add to that the beautiful islands such as Ilha Bella, Ilha Grande, and Fernando de Noronha and you can speak of a true beach paradise.

Surfing, diving, stand-up paddling, canoeing, swimming, volleyball, soccer, you name it, you can do it all in Brazil. And for the daredevils among us, there are countless mountains where you can paraglide or hang glide. Like in Rio de Janeiro from the Pedra Bonita mountain.

Nightlife in Brazil

Brazilians know how to start a party. Let’s face it, with carnival the Brazilians have invented the most legendary party ever. Whether you like to dance on samba, forró or electro, hang out at the bar or want to dine until late, Brazil is the place to be. After 22:00, most kitchens are still open and clubs continue until the early morning. In São Paulo you can literally go out 24/7.

Brazilians are special people

It is said that Brazilians understand better than anyone how to enjoy life. In addition, they are incredibly kind and helpful. With our Brazilian Portuguese video lessons for travelers, you will quickly learn some useful words and sentences. With some knowledge of some Brazilian Portuguese, you will get in contact with Brazilians more easily and your journey will be a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Is Brazil safe?

That is a frequently asked question. Brazil is a poor country compared to the US. After a few good years, things have been going less well in recent years. This increases crime and you have to be a little warier as a tourist. The pdf 20 tips for a safe trip to Brazil can help you with this. Also useful is the checklist for Brazil that I have compiled.

What will your adventure be?

Brazilie.rocks is full of travel tips and experiences I have gained in Brazil over the past 10 years. I hope I inspire you to travel there yourself once. Have a good trip or as they say in Brazil.

Boa viagem! Bernard

Travel within Brazil by bus. The excellent bus lines will take you day and night, cheap and comfortable to all corners of the country.

Airline tickets
Use the website Skyscanner for finding cheap airline tickets to Brazil and try to find the cheapest month.

Have a warm lunch in the afternoon in a buffet-style restaurant. These ‘a quilo restaurants’ allow you to choose what you eat and how much you eat. You pay the weight of your food.

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