BLOG Brazilian men (what are they like)

Brazilian men (what are they like)


I spoke to many women for research about the dating culture in Brazil. This is what they say about Brazilian men.

Are you going on vacation to Brazil and do you want to learn something about Brazilian men? Then please read on.

9 positive characteristics:

1. Great dancers

Just like the rest of South America, a man in Brazil has to be a dancer. It’s just that simple. Most Brazilian men, therefore, dance very well.

2. Energetic

Brazilian women greatly appreciate the liveliness of Brazilian men. They are athletic, love to dance, and above all, they’re entertainers. 

Brazilians flirt, whistle, make jokes and chat; they will do anything they can to be liked by a woman.

3. Athletic

Brazilian men excel at sports such as soccer, beach volleyball, and surfing. Sports that will get you women’s respect, particularly in the coastal cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis. 

As a result, Brazilian men will often upload a picture of themselves with a surfboard to online dating sites such as Tinder and Happn, because they know that women pay attention to such things.

4. Looks

Contrary to Brazilian women, Brazilian men are not thought to be the most attractive in the world. Yet, Brazilian men have a number of characteristics you’d think would appeal to Brazilian women. 

  • Particularly if they have African ancestors and are a little sporty, they’ve got an athletic body.
  • Because they often have a mixture of Portuguese, Italian, African, and native ancestors, they’ve got lovely light-brown skin.
  • Brazilians take great care of their teeth. Western men are often criticized for having bad and yellow teeth.

5. Hygiene

Brazil is a country that greatly values hygiene. For instance, you can see this in the catering industry. The staff always wear hairnets. You will never see someone take your money and prepare a sandwich.

The homes of Brazilians are always spotless and you are often asked to take off your shoes before entering.

Brazilian men are super clean and expect the same of you. Western men don’t do so well in that respect.

6. Romantic

Brazilian women are very romantic and Brazilian men are very aware of this. If a man is trying to get a woman in bed, he will first have to convince her of his feelings for her. 

He does so by talking to her lovingly: 

“I’m crazy about you.”

“You’re the perfect woman for me.”

“You’re so beautiful.”

I can hear you think, does this really work?

I know. These are one-liners the average Western woman wouldn’t fall for; she’d probably fall off her barstool laughing.  

7. Passionate

Western men are often called frigid. This is in contrast to Brazilian men, who are known as passionate. 

For example, Western men often find it embarrassing to kiss in public. And I’m not talking about a peck on the cheek or mouth. 

To Brazilian women, there’s nothing weird about French kissing in public. In Brazil, you will see couples passionately making out in the street, in clubs, bars, or even restaurants.

8. Self-assured

Brazilian men have a self-assured attitude. This is crucial for social survival in Brazil.

Brazilian men like to show who’s boss and aren’t afraid of confrontations.

Brazilian women like such an attitude.

Subsequently, the woman asks ‘her’ man to keep calm. Typical Brazilian roleplay.

9. Musical

Brazil is a country that’s bursting with musical talent. It is the birthplace of many musical genres, the most famous ones being samba, tropicália, bossa nova and música popular brasileira (mpb). 

Most Brazilian men are musical and play one or multiple instruments. You will, therefore, see live music everywhere. In bars, clubs and simply out on the street.

8 points of criticism:

1. Integrity

Brazilian women complain that Brazilian men often fail to live up to their promises. 

2. Gentlemen

Brazilian men don’t know how to behave like true gentlemen.

3. Fear of commitment

The fact that young Brazilian men aren’t interested in serious relationships anymore makes Brazilian women despair.

The Brazilian man prefers to stay single, hitting on one beauty after the other, until he gets one pregnant and has to marry her. 


Even in the case of pregnancy, they often just run for the hills, which leads to a lot of single moms. 

Sometimes, young mothers also choose to raise their children alone, such as 26-year-old Bruna, whom I met in Salvador. She raises her 8-year-old son with her mother because she deems her child’s father to be unreliable and irresponsible.

4. Couch-Potatoes

Brazilian women like to be taken out regularly. Brazilian men often stop doing this once they’ve reeled the women in. They usually only go all out when they’re head over heels in love.

5. Not reliable

If there’s one characteristic of Brazilian men that is often the subject of complaints from Brazilian women, it’s the fact that they’re not reliable or dependable. Specifically: they have intimate relations with multiple women at the same time. 

Why do women think like this?

From a young age, they’ve often come across enough examples of men who cheated. Father, brother, uncle, cousin, neighbor, and later, of course, their own partner.  

The men aren’t ashamed of it. In their opinion, it’s simply part of the Brazilian culture.

6. Jealous

The fact that Brazilian men are also jealous came as a complete surprise to me. After all, they tend to have a fear of commitment and often have multiple girlfriends at the same time.

How does this jealousy show in Brazilian men? 

  • They obsessively check what their partner is up to on social media.
  • They think their partner is cheating when she’s somewhere else.
  • They dislike it when their partner develops intellectually or has a successful career.

7. Macho

Many Brazilian men are machos and act the part. The modern Brazilian woman is fed up with this attitude. 

8. Shallow

Brazilian women are often heard complaining that the average Brazilian man is shallow. The conversations in the bar are often about soccer and TV or gossip.

Additionally, he’s known for being sexist, racist, and homophobic. 

Whether it’s a 19-year-old girl from the favela or a 52-year-old bossa nova singer from the fancy district of Leblon, they all complain about the poor conversation Brazilian men offer.

I have been told:  

“It seems as if life is all about partying for Brazilian men.” 

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