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Brazilian women in the United States and Europe


Why do they come to the US and Europe? What kind of work do they have? Where do you meet them?

According to the Brazilian ministry of foreign affairs, approximately 2.5 million Brazilians live outside of Brazil. There is therefore a good chance some thousands of Brazilian women live in your country.

These are the 10 most popular countries:

Country Number of Brazilians
USA 1,066,500
Japan 210,000
Paraguay 201,500
Portugal 140,400
Spain 128,200
UK 118,000
Germany 95,100
Italy 67,000
France 44,600
Switzerland 44,000

But, hold on, these are the official numbers. The real numbers are actually much higher as many Brazilians are illegal immigrants or abroad only temporarily and are not included in the official count. 

I live in Amsterdam for most of the year. Here, an estimated number of 30,000 Brazilians, legal or illegal, live. It wasn’t until I learned to speak Brazilian Portuguese in 2009 that I realized how much it was spoken in the streets of Amsterdam.

The main question: why do Brazilians exchange their wonderful tropical country for the cold West?  

The most important reason is money. For every dollar/euro a Brazilian earns, he will receive 4 reais for it in Brazil (April 2016). A good deal, if you know that one real buys the same in Brazil as one dollar/euro does in the West. 

If the exchange rate changes and a Brazilian will receive more reais for every dollar/euro earned, more Brazilians will seek employment abroad. Currently, it’s a good time for Brazilians to work in the West. Conversely, for Europeans and Americans it’s a good time to choose Brazil as their holiday destination. 

How do Brazilians make a living here?
– Men often work in construction, are painters or handymen.
– Women generally make their money from cleaning, babysitting or working in the catering industry.

As you can see, these are professions you can easily do illegally.

Many entrepreneurs also find their way to the West. In many larger cities, you can find Brazilian hairdressers, beauty salons, supermarkets, restaurants and lunchrooms.

These are therefore good places to meet a cute Brazilian girl.

What are the hotspots?
The best places to meet Brazilian women are still the Brazilian parties that are organized in many cities on a weekly basis. Often, Brazilian artists are invited from Brazil to give a concert.

These are ideal nights to come into contact with the exuberant Brazilian culture. During such a night, try to talk to a few girls to familiarize yourself with their ways and behavior. I will explain the best way to do this later on in the book.

Most Brazilian women abroad speak some English. If not, this is an excellent opportunity to practice your Portuguese.

In addition to parties or a visit to that gorgeous Brazilian hairdresser around the corner, there are ample other possibilities. For instance:

  • Take samba lessons
  • Take capoeira lessons
  • Take Brazilian Portuguese lessons 
  • Go to the Caribbean carnival
  • Go to performances at samba schools
  • Go to Brazilian themed conventions
  • Join a Facebook group for Brazilians living in your country

What are Brazilian women in the West like? 
Are the Brazilian women you meet in your own country representative of those living in Brazil? 

No. With all due respect, they’re not.

The majority of Brazilian women who come to the West often grew up poor and are lowly educated. You can recognize them by their bad skin, resulting from years of poor diet.

Naturally, there are also more attractive and highly educated Brazilian women, but those are really in the minority.  

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