10 reasons why Brazilians are extraordinary people

10 reasons why Brazilians are extraordinary people

What makes Brazil such a special country? Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, nature, and colonial cities. But...

What’s a cpf, what’s in it for me and how do I arrange one?

What's a cpf? CPF stands for "Cadastro de Pessoas FĂ­sicas". It is a cadastral registration of a person. It...

Brazilian men (what are they like)

I spoke to many women for research about the dating culture in Brazil. This is what they say about Brazilian men.
Rio de Janeiro

Is Brazil safe?

You want to take a holiday to Brazil, but are wondering whether it is safe to go? Even...

Top 100 Samba Classics

On November 27th in 1916, the single "Pelo Telefone" written by Ernesto Joaquim Maria dos Santos, better known as Donga, was added...

How to get a SIM card and buy phone credit in Brazil?

Making calls, sending text messages, and using WhatsApp cheaply in Brazil with your travel companion, a new hostel friend, or Brazilian flame,...