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Dancing as a Brazilian ice-breaker


Are you having trouble striking up a conversation with a woman? Then samba clubs are the ideal solution for you. Instead of walking up to a girl to talk to her, you simply ask her to dance.

Even the most rigid and clumsy guy can dance a few basic steps after some lessons, so at least you won’t stand out too much.

While dancing, you can easily start a conversation. If the conversation doesn’t immediately go smoothly, you can just dance without having to worry about an awkward silence.

Don’t panic if your samba is not yet up to snuff. Most Brazilian women will love to teach a gringo the samba. Look at that: your first conversation topic! Easy does it.

Opening lines and conversation topics
Don’t make it too complicated or too artificial. Chances are you will be talking about yourself within a minute. Brazilians are always very interested in foreigners. Start as follows, for instance:

– What a great place. It’s my first time. Do they always play live music?
– My Portuguese isn’t so good, but can I ask you a question?
– I just arrived in Brazil and I’m looking for a cheap prepaid SIM card. Do you have any tips for me?
– Are you from this neighborhood? I was wondering if it’s safe to walk home later.

Keep such a first conversation light and positive. All women like to be entertained, so make as many jokes as possible. And I can’t stress this enough: never make jokes about her looks. 

Make jokes about:

– Having wooden legs, but that you’d like to learn to dance the samba.
– That you don’t understand how Brazilian men can fail to appreciate Brazilian women, and how great that is for the rest of the world.
– That you’re glad to be in a country where Capri pants are no longer in fashion for women.
– That your vocabulary consists of caralho (dig) and porra (shit) thanks to movies such as Cidade de Deus (City of God) (2002).

Brazilians are much more physical than westerners. Touch her a few times during the conversation. Does she allow it? That’s a sign she’s still interested.

Drinks? Not necessary
Contrary to the West, it’s not usual to get a drink for a girl in Brazil. What you do often see is that you can buy big bottles of beer and use these to refill the girl’s glass. Don’t expect her to do anything in return or that you can claim her because of this.

But that’s no different in the West.

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