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Do you have a chance with every Brazilian woman?


Now that you know where best to meet them, it’s time to approach them. But to prevent disappointment, I would like to warn you that unfortunately we don’t have a chance with every Brazilian woman.
Brazilian women can roughly be divided into four groups.

Prejudiced women
These are women who assume that you’ve come to Brazil for sex and they don’t feel like being used this way. If you meet such a woman, you can try to change her mind. How? Very simply: by making no allusions to sex whatsoever. Just leave her in charge and see where things go.

Women who love Brazil
These are women who aren’t looking for a long distance relationship, and have no desire to exchange Brazil for a country with cold winters. Even if the standard of living is so much better in the West, this group couldn’t care less. If you want to have a chance with these women, you will have to convince them that you’re willing to move to Brazil.

Women who are looking for an exciting experience
These are women who feel that dating a gringo is a novel and exciting experience. These might be just a few dates, but they’re also open to a longer relationship. How can you spot them?

  • They often speak some English.
  • They frequent bars tourists often visit.
  • They have traveled abroad.
  • They have foreign friends.

Women who are looking for a serious relationship
These are women who are looking for a serious relationship with a Western man. You can recognize them because they will soon ask you the following questions:

  • How long will you stay in Brazil?
  • What is the reason for your visit?
  • Are you married?
  • Do you have children?

If you tell them you’re traveling and will only spend a few more days in Brazil, you will see some disappointed faces. Some will immediately lose interest, but many are prepared to try a long distance relationship hoping this will eventually lead to marriage.

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