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Eye contact with a Brazilian woman


Making eye contact is a way of checking whether a woman is interested in you or not. When you do this in the West and the lady in question looks back, this could mean she’s interested.

But she might also be thinking:

“Why is that creep staring at me the whole time?!”

Or she’s not looking back. That might seem like a rejection, but perhaps she’s thinking:

“It’s great that that hunk is looking at me, but I hope he doesn’t notice the pimple on my chin…”

In short, in the west you never know what you’re in for. Sound familiar? Way too exhausting.

If you want to know whether a girl is interested, you’ll have to talk to her. That takes courage, time and comes with the risk of striking out.

No, things are different in Brazil. A paradise for men who hate to strike out. And what man doesn’t?

In Brazil, there are two options:

– She ignores you, meaning that she’s not interested. Clear.
– She looks back, in which case the five second rule applies: if she looks back for at least five seconds, that means she’s interested.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that, does it?

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