DESTINATIONS 21 graffiti in Brazil

21 graffiti in Brazil

In Brazil the graffiti scene is flourishing as never before. São Paulo is therefore seen as the new New York from the seventies, at that time the epicenter of the graffiti world. Continuous social inequalities and unemployment are considered to be the underlying causes for this revival.

Legalize it
The most important reason for legalization is the law 706/07, approved in March 2009, that made graffiti legal overnight. Since then, any building may be used for graffiti, as long as the owner granted permission. Brazil’s policy for art in public spaces sets an example the UK government should follow. Just imagine how graffiti could lighten up the scene on the streets in Banbury and Chipping Norton, even without subsidies, legislation, and expensive enforcement.

It really gives an extra dimension to wandering through a Brazilian city. Check out the 21 most interesting graffiti I’ve encountered in Ilha de Santa Catarina, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

21Ilha de Santa Catarina

20Ilha de Santa Catarina

19Ilha de Santa Catarina

18Belo Horizonte

17Belo Horizonte

16Rio de Janeiro

15Rio de Janeiro

14Rio de Janeiro

13São Paulo

12São Paulo

11São Paulo

10São Paulo

9São Paulo

8São Paulo

7São Paulo

6São Paulo

5São Paulo

4São Paulo

3São Paulo

2São Paulo

1São Paulo


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