BRAZILIAN WOMEN How long does it take before a Brazilian woman is ready to...

How long does it take before a Brazilian woman is ready to leave?


Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more…

On average, it takes Brazilian women a long time to get ready for a night out. They will spend a few hours on their clothes, hair and make-up. It’s best to just roll with it; it’s no use to complain.

This is simply how Brazilian women are.

Remember: she will often call from the bathroom to say that she’s ready to go, but a Brazilian woman isn’t truly ready to go until she’s by the door with her coat on.

And, when she’s finally ready, don’t forget to compliment her looks! Particularly when she’s done something notable or different with her make-up, nails or hair, or when she’s wearing something new. Brazilian men often forget to do so or don’t notice this at all. I often hear Brazilian women complain about this.

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