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How romantic are Brazilian women?


Brazilian women are very romantic and Brazilian men are very aware of this. If a man is trying to get a woman in bed, he will first have to convince her of his feelings for her.

He does so by talking to her lovingly:

“I’m crazy about you.”
“You’re the perfect woman for me.”
“You’re so beautiful.”

I can hear you think, does this really work?

I know. These are one-liners the average Western woman wouldn’t fall for; she’d probably fall off her barstool laughing.

Why does this work for Brazilian women?

It works like this: it’s not about what you literally say, but that you say something they can later use as an excuse.

Deep inside, each woman takes into account that you don’t mean what you say, but to herself and those around her, it works as an excuse for sleeping with you.

In other words, this helps her to avoid looking like a slut.

That Brazilian men usually don’t live up to their promises, comes with the drama some women secretly love.

In a relationship, Brazilian men are a lot less romantic. For instance, they don’t organize enough romantic dates.


  • We Western men are too direct according to Brazilian women. Even if your Brazilian date has made it clear all evening that she’s got more in mind than just kissing, you can’t just say: “My place or yours?” at the end of the evening. You need to make a more romantic proposal.
  • Don’t be a couch potato, but often take your Brazilian girlfriend out to dinner, a walk, or a movie.
  • Buy her a present every now and then.
  • Send your girlfriend a sweet message every day.

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