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Niterói: the Museu de Arte Contemporânea of Oscar Niemeyer

The view of Rio de Janeiro is the best that Niterói has to offer. This is a joke that is often made about one of the wealthiest cities in Brazil.

1. To do and see
2. Transport

1. To do and see
Admitted, the view is indeed splendid. However, in 1996 another good reason to visit Niterói was added and that is the Museu de Arte Contemporânea. It is better known as MAC de Niterói.

The building was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and is justifiably called an architectonic jewel. The museum was built on a rock in the exquisite bay and accommodates exhibitions of contemporary art.

In 2006, the famous architect said the following about the building:

“It is so easy to explain this project! I remember when I went to take a look at the spot. The sea, the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, the magnificent landscape, I had to conserve that. The building rose before my eyes and I drew the round form that the space required. The design was quickly made. The footbridge for the visitors to the museum completed my project.”

Museu de Arte Contemporânea
Museu de Arte Contemporânea

2. Transport
A visit to the museum in Niterói is an ideal day trip from Rio de Janeiro. You can take the subway to Carioca station and from there it is a small walk through the historical center to the harbor located right next to Praca XV (Quinze) de Novembro. You can catch a ferry in the harbor that will take you to Niterói located on the other side of the Baia de Guanabara in just 10 minutes. Also watch the video beneath which shows a trip from Ipanema to the museum.


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