DESTINATIONS The best açaí shop in Rio de Janeiro

The best açaí shop in Rio de Janeiro


A centuries-old slogan that adorns the facade of every reputable açaí business, with the result that no one believes it anymore. This is also the case at Amazônia Soul, but guess what?

The açaí of Amazônia Soul really is the most divine in the world. A tip from a Brazilian from Sâo Paulo led us here. She claims to have tasted more than 500 different types of açaí in Brazil and that this was by far the best.

Amazônia Soul
Amazônia Soul

What is açaí and why is the açaí from Amazônia Soul so good?
Açaí is a berry that grows in the Amazon and is rich in antioxidants. The pulp of the fruit, combined with ice, is eaten as is, or in combination with muesli or banana. The proportion of pulp and the added ice determines the quality of the taste and texture of the immensely popular dish.

The açaí of the Amazônia Soul is characterized by a smooth, soft, full, and creamy flavor, not to be found elsewhere.

Address: Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema, Teixeira de Melo 37

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