BLOG Top 100 Samba Classics

Top 100 Samba Classics

On November the 27th in 1916, the single “Pelo Telefone” written by Ernesto Joaquim Maria dos Santos, better known as Donga, was added to the register of the National Library of Rio de Janeiro. In hindsight a historic moment. The samba song would become the first major success in its genre and is the reason that Brazilians in 2016, exuberantly celebrating the centenary of samba.

Samba is still alive after 100 years
In 1975 Alcione had a hit single with the song “Não deixe o samba morrer” (“do not let samba die”), fortunately that never happened. After 100 years samba is still alive in Brazil. Especially during the annual carnival samba is very popular, but also in the many samba clubs in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, you can enjoy live samba music on a daily basis.

Top 100 samba classics
100 years of samba. A good moment to compile a list of known and lesser-known samba gems. Samba stars like Martinho da Vila, Adoniran Barbosa, Clara Nunes, Alcione and Paulinho Da Viola dominate the list, which contains up to 40 singers/groups.


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