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What 21 characteristics do Brazilian women look for in a man?


Old, young, poor or rich. These are the 21 characteristics that are most mentioned by Brazilian women:

1. You have Western looks
2. You behave like a gentleman
3. You’re not afraid of commitment
4. You don’t behave jealously
5. You are relatively well-to-do
6. You are generous
7. You are dependable
8. You have integrity
9. You’re not aggressive
10. You easily discuss all sorts of topics
11. You speak the language
12. You know how to dress
13. You are mindful of your hygiene
14. You have a romantic nature
15. You aren’t afraid of intimacy
16. You’re athletic
17. You are energetic
18. You come across as self-assured
19. You’re funny
20. You can dance a little
21. You are musical

To pick one.

You behave like a gentleman

Up to a certain degree, Western women enjoy meeting a gentleman, but after a while this could also make them feel uncomfortable.


This probably has to do with the emancipation of Western women.
In Brazil, gentlemen are in high demand. In fact, women complain that Brazilian men don’t know how to behave like true gentlemen.

So, be a gentleman. Every Brazilian woman will feel like a princess in your presence and you’ll be sitting pretty.

1. Hold the door open for her.
2. Help her get out of a cab.
3. Help her when putting on or taking off her coat.
4. Make a reservation when going to a restaurant.
5. Dress smartly when taking her to a restaurant.
6. In a restaurant, slide back her chair to let her sit down.
7. In a restaurant, order last. Ladies first, always.
8. Discretely pay the bill when taking her to a restaurant, bar or other establishment.
9. Don’t swear.
10. Don’t gossip.
11. Stay positive.
12. Don’t make sexist, racist, or homophobic remarks.
13. Say ‘thank you’ when required.
14. Let her finish when she’s speaking.

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