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What do you wear for a date with a Brazilian woman?


Brazilian women don’t like it when a man pays too much attention to his clothes.

Italians are often mentioned as an example of men who look just a little too smooth with their pink polo shirts and perfectly matching man purses.

Brazilian women don’t care whether you’re wearing expensive brands or have a new flashy outfit every week.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly appreciated when a man knows how to dress. Just make sure it doesn’t seem too thought out.

If your Brazilian girlfriend doesn’t like your clothing style, she will soon start to make it her business. If you’re not particularly strong-willed, she will soon determine what clothes you wear. And buy.

You’d better hope she’s got good taste…

Make sure you don’t look like a typical gringo (foreigner). Don’t exaggerate. Don’t wear a Hawaiian shirt and a necklace and three wrist bands at the same time. Keep it simple, manly, and neatly groomed.

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