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Why Brazilian women do everything to stay fit?


In Brazil, it’s warm all year round. As a result, you wear airy clothes. Or, should I say ‘scanty’ in the case of Brazilian women?

The Brazilian woman’s wardrobe mainly consists of short skirts, shorts, tops and, if she lives on the coast, a tiny bikini is an absolute must. In short: revealing outfits that leave little to the imagination.

Brazilian women therefore feel the need to stay fit. And they have a lifelong subscription to the gym.

If there’s one body part that receives an extra intensive workout, it’s the butt, the bunda. This is a very popular body part for which special pageants are even organized, such as Miss Bumbum. There are even Brazilian women who have become famous because of their butts and make their living off this, such as Mulher Melancia (Madam Watermelon).

Slowly, the aesthetic ideal is moving toward the Western ideal. Young Brazilian girls desire to be as skinny as catwalk models.

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